Monday, April 1, 2013

I prayed for someone new

On March 13, white smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel, announcing to the world that there was a new Bishop of Rome in the Roman Catholic Church. On that day, Pope Francis came into being and has taken the church by storm (in some regards).

It's gotten me thinking about some things, however. First, I don't understand the high level of animosity that many Nazarenes (and evangelicals, in general) hold toward the Roman Catholic church. It's as if there is a lingering feeling of disdain left over from the Reformation.

But, I find the new Pope's spirit to be invigorating. He's humble, focused on evangelizing, and saying all the right things. I'm proud to be a prayer-partner for a man of God. I hope that he's able to bring the Roman Catholic Church into a new era focused on reaching the lost; helping the poor; and proclaiming the truth that Jesus is the way to heaven.

On a marginally related note, if I were elected pope (which I can't be, I meet neither of the two conditions), I'd choose the name Patrick.

On a completely unrelated note:

The Astros are in first place! Crazy talk!


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