Monday, September 16, 2013

AFL Week 3 - Dolphins vs Jets

After a 2-0 start, the Dolphins finally make their way back to Miami for a homegame against division rival the New York Jets.

Heading into week 3, RB Adrian Peterson was having a fantastic season with 4 rushing touchdowns in 2 games.

The game started with both defenses flexing their collective muscles. The two teams combined for 28 total yards. Yes, 28. Early in the second quarter, things turned even more negative for the Dolphins as WR Calving Johnson was injured on a 15 yard reception up the middle. He was listed as out for the rest of the game and left for further tests.

The scoring finally started as Dolphins QB Aaron Rodgers hit Percy Harvin for a 9 yard TD. He then hit Mardy Gilyard for a 14 yard TD to finish up the first half with the Dolphins up 14-0.

Ray Rice took over in the second half for the Dolphins with a pair of TD runs to round out the game's scoring.

The final score was 28-0 in favor of Miami. The player of the game award was given to the entire Dolphins defense, which recorded 4 sacks, 1 interception and limited Adrian Peterson and the Jets to just 45 yards.

After the game, Dolphins doctors informed the media that Calvin Johnson would be out for next week's game with an abdominal tear.

The Patriots, led by QB Chad Pennington and DB Darrel Revis, bring their 1-2 record to Miami for Monday Night Football.

Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is looking forward to the meeting with his division rival, "I promise we'll be ready for the Patriots, who have seemed to have our number for years."

Elsewhere around the AFL

Houston wins over in-state rival Dallas, 16-13.

San Francisco and Kansas City, led by RB Matt Forte, battled to a 20-20 tie.

Peyton Manning of the Jacksonville Jaguars was named as the league's Offensive Player of the Week

The following teams remain undefeated in the AFL:
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Detroit Lions - QB Bret Favre has 5 TD and 4 INT
  • Washington Redskins - Offensively led by Carson Palmer, Maurice Jones-Drew and Torry Holt
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Manning's 7 TD passes co-leads the AFL
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Matt Stafford and Greg Jennings have connected for 3 TDs
  • Seattle Seahawks - lead the AFL in scoring
  • New York Giants - Rookie QB Sam Bradford leading his team

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book #8 - #GoingSocial

A few years ago, a guy named Terrace Crawford friend requested me on facebook. Terrace is a youth pastor in Virginia, he's been worth following over the past few years as I was a new youth pastor learning the ministry.

Terrace maintains a website that includes a blog and some other news about his ministry over at He released a book a while ago called Going Social about how to use social media in ministry.

I read the book, hoping to gain some new insights on using social media in ministry. Unfortunately, this book wasn't really written with me in mind. Terrace goes through many different social media methods/sites, including facebook, twitter and youtube. He teaches mostly the basics, like how to set up a facebook page or a twitter account. He explains how to use hashtags and some basic tips on how to set up a youtube page.

Unfortunately, this was pretty much all info I already knew. So, at the end of the day, this book would have a lot more value for someone who is completely new to social media. If you're that person, you're probably not reading my blog, but if you are that person, then this book would be of great value to you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

AFL Week 2 - Dolphins vs Vikings - BONUS: 2013 NFL Season Predictions

This is a continuation in my Madden Season using Madden 11. You can find week 1 here.

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings

Aaron Rodgers and the Dolphins made the trek up to the cold wilderness that is Minnesota to face Ben Roethlisberger and his Vikings. 

The game between these two teams started in rather droll fashion with a scoreless and rather boring first quarter. Neither team could put anything on the board with the Dolphins defense doing the lion's share of the work for the team as the Vikings registered 4 times as long time of possession.

Luck seemed to change for the Dolphins with 2:59 to play in the half as Ray Rice inexplicably fumbled the ball on what looked like a third down conversion for the Fins. The Dolphins, however, would go on to punt the ball away.

The Vikings opened the scoring after a huge pass from Big Ben to Joey Galloway put the Vikings in field goal range. The Dolphins defense, which is considered a major weakness for the team, managed to hold the Vikings to a field goal. Linebacker AJ Hawk was asked about this stop after the game, to which he replied, "We knew that we had to keep them out of the end zone for our offense to have a chance at that point."

With the Vikings up 3-0, Rodgers found receiver Arnaz Battle wide open for the first touchdown of the game, an 81-yard bomb that put the Dolphins on top 7-3 going into halftime.

The Dolphins got the ball to start the second half and opened with a deep pass from Rodgers to Calvin Johnson. Johnson made the catch in stride, having beaten his man, and scored an easy 6. Dolphins up 14-3.

Ray Rice also added to the scoring with an 8-yard draw right up the middle for a touch down. Joey Galloway fumbled for the Vikings with just 1:34 to go in the game, giving the Dolphins the go ahead to run the clock out.

Asked about his deep pass to Battle, Dolphins QB Aaron Rodgers said, "You know, Battle was having trouble getting it started this season, but he had gotten by the defense on that play. I threw it up there, he was able to bring it down and go the distance. It was a great play by him."

The Dolphins travel back to Miami where they'll host Adrian Peterson and the New York Jets next week. Peterson is currently leading the Jets in scoring with 4 TDs on the year.


With that said, I made my picks for the 2013 NFL season, just forgot to post them.

From the AFC:
I'm picking the New England Patriots to win the AFC East, which has become something of a foregone conclusion lately.

The Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and Cincinnati Bengals will win their respective divisions, as well.

The Wild Card teams from the AFC will be the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins.

The AFC is insanely weak right now. I think the 4 division winners are a cut above the rest of the teams in their divisions. The Ravens will finish good enough to make it back to the playoffs and the Dolphins, benefiting from playing in the weak AFC will be the second wild card team (I know, I'm such a homer).

In the NFC, which is much more difficult to predict, I see the Washington Redskins edging out the Giants and Cowboys in the East. The Green Bay Packers will win the North over the Bears and Lions (both of which seem to be playoff strong). The NFC South will see the New Orleans Saints win the division with the Atlanta Falcons not too far behind. The San Francisco 49ers are the class of the NFC West, but they are closely followed by Russel Wilson and Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks.

We get to watch a Harbaugh lift the Lombardi trophy for a second consecutive year as the 49ers beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Have a great NFL Season, I'm sure my picks will be completely wrong!