My thirtieth birthday is on August 24, 2014. These are the thirty goals I've set before myself to accomplish before I turn 30.

1) Run a marathon
2) Lose 30 pounds
3) Write a Pathfinder adventure that gets published
4) Read through the entire Bible
5) Read 30 new books (Currently read: 18)
6) Blog more
7) Fill a notebook with nothing but gaming ideas
8) Get back into professional ministry
9) Build Xavier a toy-box
10) Go on a mission trip
11) Write two hand-written letters per month
12) Get a bike and start riding
13) Reconnect with some old friends (facebook doesn't count!)
14) Start a garden
15) Take Xavier to an MLB game (preferably to a Yankees game!)
16) Go back to GenCon
17) Buy a meal for a complete stranger
18) Babysit a friend's children for their date night
19) Cook 30 new recipes (suggested by Holly) (Cooked so far: 3)
20) Volunteer in a soup kitchen/food pantry/homeless shelter
21) Take a 24-hour (at least) prayer retreat in total silence
22) Put together an emergency savings fund
23) Write a letter to my 40-year-old self
24) Go camping
25) Create a collaborative wall of blessings
26) Take Holly to visit a major city (Boston/Chicago/Washington DC/New York/Philadelphia/etc)
27) Express more gratitude
28) Take more pictures
29) Find a geocache in a state other than Ohio
30) Go on an adventure.


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